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Holland Junior Welfare League Cookbooks

Readers World Book Store Downtown Holland Michigan
Dawn To Dusk-A Taste of Holland This 240 page hardcover cookbook was the Midwest Regional Champion in the 1996 Tabasco Community Cookbook Awards. This volume includes traditional recipes from the Netherlands and contemporary recipes from its namesake community in Michigan. The book is organized into eight chapters featuring the time of day, ranging from “Breakfast in Bed” to “Midnight Snacks”, in addition to its delectable recipes, this cookbook contains beautiful photographs of local architecture, cultural events and landmarks that distinguish Holland from other lakeside communities.

Kinder Bakker

  The Kinder Bakker cookbook has been reprinted in limited quantities. Kinder Bakker (a Dutch expression meaning “Child Baker”) is a cookbook by and for children of all ages. It was originally printed by the Holland Junior Welfare League in 1983 and contains a sampling of traditional Dutch recipes, recipes from other corners of the world, and recipes for art. The recipes selected for Kinder Bakker cookbook evolved from a bake-off contest in which the children of Holland participated by submitting their favorite recipes. Each recipe was thoroughly tested for ease and nutritional value.

Readers World Book Store Downtown Holland Michigan
Readers World Book Store Downtown Holland Michigan

Eet Smakeliik

  HJWL’s first cookbook, this 570-page hardcover volume is still in print after 35 years, and has sold more than 145,000 copies. It contains an extraordinary compilation of traditional Dutch recipes blended with favorites of modern American cuisine. There are also wonderful recipes donated by Holland area chefs, whose culinary expertise is gathered from diverse regions and ethnic backgrounds. Eet Smakelijk (which means “Eat well and with taste” in Dutch) has over one thousand recipes appropriate for novice cooks to expert chefs.

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